Maven, dbdeploy, HSQLDB without Ant

Believe me, integrating Maven and dbdeploy is a pain using Ant. For some weird reasons, dbdeploy ant task was causing maven build to crash.

So tried to integrate dbdeploy with maven without ant on my Snow Leopard –

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Ant Input and Passwords

Ant input task does not has a feature which will allow not to echo what user inputs, a necessity in case you are prompting for a password. As per the ant input task documentation

A regular complaint about this task is that it echoes characters to the console, this is a critical security defect, we must fix it immediately, etc, etc. We know it leaves something to be desired, but the problem is Java, not Ant. There is nothing we can do to stop the console echoing.

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Killing Java Process from Ant in Windows

I wanted to write a ant script for one of the environment, which would perform following tasks in order which will be repeated
1. Take Latest Code
2. Compile
3. Create WAR
4. Undeploy currently installed WAR from tomcat
5. Stop the tomcat
6. Copy the WAR to tomcat webapps folder
7. Start the tomcat

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