More abt gbrowser – A countdown?

Well here is one more and it is very interesting.



Google Browser – Gbrowser, Coming Soon?

“Well, it’s too early to download the Gbrowser. It hasn’t been released yet. How do I even know there is a Gbrowser? Let’s look at some facts… …Some people are seeing Google in their logs. It says “Google 0.X” listed among the other browsers! 0.X is the version number of beta software – software in production.”



Google Secure Access

Google just launched an interesting service which fuels to the rumors abt nationwide free google wifi service.

It works like a middle person that handles the traffic back and forth. Your outgoing traffics are automatically encrypted and sent to Google’s Virtual Private Network to get decrypted and sent to the intended destination. Likewish, incoming traffics to your computers are encrypted during transmission and decrypted when they reach you.