Privacy Issues

This is just not what I had expected on Monday morning. My impending Banglore move made me search for for listing for properties for Rent/PG.

When I wanted to get the Phone No of listing, it has a small banner sayin –

You need to register and verify your mobile no. to contact this advertiser.

Yesterday I had logged in the site and chose “Remember me on this computer” and it was still showing me above message. After I clicked on Contact Advertiser, this is where it all started to go wrong. Something happened. All this code is AJAX and somewhere their code goofed up and did something which had a bizarre consequences.

Without me doing anything, updated my verified mobile phone number with the Advertiser’s phone number. The same applies to email. Within minutes, I started getting lots of emails.

I also got a call on my phone saying that – “Hello Shivprasad, you have a Swift Dzire for sell na, its posted on Sulekha.”…. damm.. until this I was not aware of what’s happening. I had never owned Swift Dzire let alone selling 🙂

Next, my mailbox started getting filled with mails such as –

1) You have viewed details of Washing Maching
2) You have viewed details of Honda Activa
3) You have viewed details of PG Accomodation for Girl

WTF…apart from this, also started getting mail that I have created new listing such as this one – Only 28000 Milage and few more.

This is pretty much fcked up my privacy with my email and phone number being associated with god know how many accounts.

I started getting mails from site users who are interested in listing like above which is attributed to me or from Advertiser’s whose details are seen by me..(PG for Girl)..

I just couldn’t imagine how dumb the developers of are. Is there any testing performed on site at all? If you don’t get AJAX.. don’t do it….

I had contacted and informed them abt the issue and through their site’s feedback mechanism, informed about the issue.

In the mean time to stop myself from this abuse, I had used and updated my email address with disposable email address.

Not sure how many others faced this issue today, but in future I am going to be very careful about Don’t trust them.


Timesjobs and SPAM


Neha Singh
Head, Customer Care (in collaboration with


I really hate websites which even after unsubscribing from  email subscriptions still keep sending you emails.

This time it is yours truly and your new venture

I must have unsubscribed three to four times from the link that you have provided at the end of your marketing emails. I still continue to receive mails.

You dumbs  can’t even spell,

Fresher Jobs on

Can you pls tell me what it would take for you to remove my email address from your system. Heck I don’t want account at your website. Is there any way I can close my account.

Seems TimeJobs  don’t give a damn about user privacy….


My initial attempts at creating websites…

Hmm…. I never thought I will find it again… While going through some of old CDs, I found earlier sites created during my four year degree course in Computer Engg at PICT.

  1. 1999-2000 – This was the first attempt while I was in my Third year..was quite obsessed with DHTML… 🙂
  2. 2000-2001 – This was in the Final year…Flash had taken over by then……

There is still final version of site still trying to find…. something for this weekend…


Project Soap Bubbles Liquid

I was trying to make liquid soap bubble solution for my 4 years old daughter for last few days… tried lotz of options Liquid Soap, Shampoo, etc…nothing was able to create good bubbles…finally was able to make it work…

Below is the what you will need –

1: Vim Drop Dishwash Gel – Any neighborhood Kirana store would have it…
2: Glycerin – Medical Store…

Use Glycerin as 1:5 ratio w.r.t. Dishwash…

You can even create different shapes like star etc.. using cloth hangers…. 🙂

Happy Bubbles….


Online SBI and Usability

I had recently applied for Online SBI, and surprisingly I was handed the pre-printed internet banking user id and password instantly.

Quite happy, I tried to login after few days on, guess what…. it didn’t allowed me login showing “Invalid username or password.”

There is a link on login page “Trouble Logging In” which is nothing but a form mailer. The reason for this blog post is this “Trouble Logging In”

It asks for all the details in 6-7 fields like account number,email etc… after submitting the request, it threw me below error…

Where is all the data that I have entered….????


I do not understand, when will the people like those at Online SBI understand the user experience…


Yahoo! Pipes – Indian News Sites

The news RSS Feeds by Economic Times are very concise and one has to visit the news article to read it entirely.

The same is true for number of other Indian News sites.

I always wanted to try out Yahoo! Pipes.

Below are the steps that I did –

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Under stairs storage – Cool

This is super cool.

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Bose SoundDock® – Perfect

I always wanted to own a Bose system, but they costs too much. But once listening to A R Rahman‘s Delhi 6 song Masakali on SoundDock® digital music system, I couldn’t resist myself from having a instant gratification. 🙂

The plus of this system is that it has a Aux-in so I can use it with my laptop or TV… perfect.

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Group Expenses

We are group of four who are in UK for short duration. We are staying at same building (different apartment ;)) but sharing our expenses. We were using Google Docs for the same. But today I found Short Reckonings.

ITS PLAIN AWESOME… 🙂 Just what we wanted. No registration etc, just enter the expenses, who paid, for whom .. done.

You get a perm URL for the report in case you want to share/modify.



A Long Time

It’s been a long time since any post on this blog. Will update regularly now as the is not blocked in my organization any more 🙂