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There are two accounts on Twitter related to Pune.

1: pune_pulse – Information and news about Pune fetched from various sources. A short title and a link to original source.

2: pune_marathi – पुण्याबद्दल ताज़ी माहिती. Information and news about Pune in Marathi.


Ping Pong Door

Ping Pong Door.. cool.. via


Google Lok Sabha Election 2009 – Search Voter Rolls

As Lok Sabha Election 2009 are around the corner, Google has made available its own portal.

As Pune is listed in the “Search Voter Rolls”, you can check if your name is part of Voters List. You can even get the polling booth details.


UNEASYGiveaway: Giving Away Another Wii


UNEASYsilence is having another Wii  giving away.



I Want A Freeware Utility To…

Have you ever found yourself scouring the net in search of that one
quality freeware application required to complete any given task? Questions that
you felt should have resulted in just the right application for your needs?
Questions like “How would I play all the MP3’s in a collection?”, or “How could
I convert a document into a PDF?”

Want A Freeware Utility To
website, your Google searches will no longer be
necessary. The Freeware guide lists recommended applications for such tasks as
protecting your computer from spyware or viruses, audio / video tasks, text
editors, and or video / DVD related utilities.



Swamii – The What’s New Engine

Swamii - The what's new engine

What is Swamii?

Swamii is a personal, free-to-use service that saves you the hassle of
always searching for the same things. You tell us what you are
interested in and we’ll tell you when we find any new stuff related to
those interests. Swamii monitors the web, newspapers, peer-to-peer networks, the TV guide and more…

What can you use swamii for:

  • Keeping track of a current event as it unfolds
  • Getting an alert when anything with William Shatner in it is going to be on TV (Shatz is the new Hoff)
  • Being notified when a new Justin Timberlake video clips surfaces on YouTube or Grouper
  • Watching
    for that rare collectible Backstreet Boys LP you’ve always wanted to
    come up for sale (we just love their soulful harmonies and melodic
  • Searching for news on your geeky interest…
    you know, the one that everyone at work always mentions that you missed
    too late – “oh, did you see that article on rare, blue stamps
    yesterday? It was great!”
  • Get all the news for a particular subject in one place


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Sun opens Java

Sun Microsystems Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., has released the source code to its widely used Java programming language.The company will post the source code to various pieces of Java over the nextfew months, according to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, who announced the releasetoday. Available immediately, on the site, is the code for the JavaPlatform Standard Edition-which has over 6 million lines of code-and the JavaPlatform Micro Edition for embedded systems.
Today this project contains two significant components of the JDK:

The remainder of the open-source JDK will be available in the first halfof 2007. At that time this project will host the source code for thecomplete JDK except for a few components that Sun does not have the right topublish in source form under the GPL; pre-built binaries will be provided forthose components.



VirtueDesktops – Yo DJ, spin that screen!

“VirtueDesktops” is a
virtual desktop manager for Apple’s Mac OS. It offers features, eye
candy and configurable options that no other desktop manager on the mac
has added yet, and is under active development. It is based upon the
work done by Rich Wareham on DesktopManager, which is a lighter, less feature-packed virtual desktop application. It includes a small amount of Rich’s code from DesktopManager,
which means that presently it is licensed under the GPL – the goal is
to move to a less viral license that would allow VirtueDesktops’
components to be used in other products more freely.

Below are some of the key features of VirtueDesktops.

Virtual screens: an unlimited number of virtual screens at your disposal

Eye candy: exciting transitions and window fading

Universal binary: runs at full speed on your shiny new intel-based mac

AppleScript-able: script your desktop experience

Unobtrusive: VirtueDesktops does not clutter your
desktop – it gets in, switches your virtual screen and then quietly
hides itself, waiting for your next request

Extensible: install plugins to add additional features

Exposé: works well with Apple’s Exposé

Keeps you informed: notifications and current desktop display orient you as you work across multiple virtual screens

“Stick-ify” your windows or applications: Make your windows and applications visible across all of your virtual screens


Pager-dragging in action


Desktop inspector



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Apple Delivers Another Leopard Build

Apple delivered a new build of Mac OS X 1.5 Leopard to developers this week, the objective of build 9A303 is too solve “performance related bugs”.

The following are listed as changes since build 9A283;

  • Finder hangs due to network connectivity issues have been reduced
  • As a precaution, please backup your Portable Home Directory before using FileSync
  • Many peformance related bugs have been fixed across the system
  • Timbuktu and Eudora no longer crash on launch
  • Safari’s bug reporting is now fixed
  • Performance improvements in the initial Time Machine backup

The following are known issues present in build 9A303;

  • Upgrades from previous seeds are not supported
  • Upgrades from previous releases are not recommended
  • Configurations with ATI Radeon or Radeon 7500 graphics cards will not be able to use this seed
  • Airport cards not recognized on some of the newst Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros
  • 32/64 bit universal apps built with 10.5 deployment target will now run as 32-bit on Tiger.
  • Can’t print to HP raster printers
  • Can’t login initially after enabling FileVault protection for an account. Wait several minutes and try again to workaround.
  • System Trash still shows deleted items until a reboot
  • Volumes in the Time Machine Pref pane are all named Volume. Quitting and relaunching System Preferences should workaround this.
  • Image Capture fails to recognize USB devices on PPC
  • Memory leaks when using CoreData’s NSManagedObject. This can been seen when sycing files.


  • Automatic iDisk syncing is not currently working. Please sync manually.
  • PHD syncing may generate false conflicts


  • File transfers result in an error
  • QuickTime not working with iChat Theater

    Quick Look

  • Album art downloaded by iTunes 7 is not displayed in the music preview
  • Slideshow (aka Fullscreen from the Quick Look preview panel) doesn’t work for most types

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is due for release in Spring 2007.


Leapard now features a more functional Firewall preference tab
Leapard now features a more functional Firewall preference tab

Calculations can be performed in Spotlight
Calculations can be performed in Spotlight

Dictionary searches can be performed in Spotlight
Dictionary searches can be performed in Spotlight

File Recovery is now included with Disk Utility
File Recovery is now included with Disk Utility

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Gmail – New Features

Gmail by Google

Reply on top
No more scrolling to the bottom of a long message to find the “Reply”
link. Now there’s a Reply button right on top, along with a lot of
other options under the little dropdown arrow.

Embarassment-reducing new message notifications
Ever replied to a message only to find out that someone sent a better,
smarter reply right before you? Now, if someone sends a reply while
you’re in the middle of reading a conversation (or replying to it),
you’ll get a notification that a new message has arrived. Click “update
conversation” to see what you’ve missed.

Forward all

When viewing a conversation, use the new “Forward all” link on the
right if you want to forward the entire conversation instead of just
one message.

Chat even when your friends are offline
Chatting in Gmail just keeps getting better. Now, if you’re chatting
with a friend who goes offline, your friend will be able to see
whatever you were typing the next time he or she goes online.


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