Windows Vista December 2005 CTP (Build 5270) Review

Aero Glass features translucencies and animations.

Aero Basic is more XP-like.

Build 5270 adds a new scalable user interface.

Extra large icons on the Vista deskop.

Small icons on the Vista desktop.

A few days after the release of the Windows Vista December CTP (build 5270) Paul Thurrott has put up a comprehensive review of it and claims as expected to already know most -if not all, the features in the build before anyone else.



Windows Vista Build 5259 – Some Very Nice UI Changes!


It has the build tag of vista_usa_5259.051117-1715_winmain_idx02_x86fre_win-dvd-LB2PFRE_EN.iso and rings in at about 2,952.7 MB. As of now, this build is only available to Microsoft TAP testers. This build should be released to all other beta testers late this week or early next week.

Download Screenshots


Understanding Windows and Office Build Numbers

Jensen Harris explains the Office build process.I’m fairly certain that Windows works the same way…


How to get the Windows Vista Sidebar running on XP?

The Windows Vista Sidebar was ported to XP.
Here’s a small guide about how to get it running.



Microsoft Delays Windows Vista Beta 2 to 2006

Microsoft will soon delay the release of Windows Vista Beta 2 from December 7, 2005 to sometime in January or February 2006. The big question now is whether this will jeopardize the final ship date that was supposed to be in Summer 2006.



Microsoft Joins Online Era of Software

Microsoft on Tuesday took the lid off its highly anticipated line of online services, called Windows Live and Office Live. The company has been quick to say that the new products are not meant to replace traditional desktop software, but instead are intended to enhance the Windows experience.



Native PDF support in Office 12

Steven Sinofsky (Senior Vice President, Microsoft Office) has announced that Microsoft is planning to build in native support for the PDF format in Office "12".
Office 12 is currently undergoing internal testing and is expected to be released in beta form in November.


Microsoft Said to Be in Talks on Forming Link to AOL

“Microsoft and Time Warner have explored a variety of possible combinations of the MSN Internet portal with the America Online operation of Time Warner.”

Microsoft Said to Be in Talks on Forming Link to AOL [NYT]


Microsoft Codename Max Released

Microsoft Max lets you make lists of your photos and turn them into beautiful slide shows to share with your family and friends. Max is the codename for Microsoft’s flagship application based on WinFX and Microsoft’s new user experience.

The website is also up.I really liked the glass like theme for the website 😉

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Post Beta 1 Vista Build – PDC 05

Bill Gates described his vision for the future. Clarity and data everywhere is the main focus of Microsoft’s future operating system.

The search functionalities were demo’d briefly although nothing new was shown. The alt tabbing in 3D is back using Windows Key + Space bar a user can tile their applications to make the experience clearer and easier to find windows. The sidebar will ship with Vista which was confirmed during the keynote.

The sidebar now contains “gadgets” like an RSS web feed gadget, picture slideshow gadget, clock gadget, WMP gadget and so on. The gadget gallery allows users to plug-in their own applications or 3rd party applications. Gadgets can be coded in DHTML/script or Avalon allowing developers to build rich mini applications straight into the sidebar.

Phising was briefly demo’d within IE7 but the most impressive demo was a new feature of IE7 tabbed browsing. Quick tabbing allows users can now display all tabs in a nice subset tiled into one window. Similar to the thumbnail alt tabbing in current vista builds.

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