What is Greasemonkey?
Greasemonkey is a plugin (referred to as an ‘extension’) for the Firefox
browser. It allows you to change how your favorite pages behave and
look. There are many scripts that have already been written, and if you
know javascript you can easily create your own! This site is a
repository to download and install Greasemonkey scripts.

And is a repository for … userscripts! This is still in development, so … have fun!

I also created one userscript here

Another interesting extension is platypus

Platypus is a Firefox extension which lets you modify a Web
page from your browser — “What You See Is What You Get” — and then save those
changes as a Greasemonkey script so
that they’ll be repeated the next time you visit the page. Editing pages to suit
your needs is dandy — but making those changes “permanent” is the real payoff.



Gmail Skins Firefox Extension

Gmail Skins is a Firefox extension that lets you change the look of your Gmail inbox (amongst some other things).

It adds the following features:

  •  Change the colour/skin of your inbox
  •  Insert smileys/emoticons and images in to your emails
  •  Make the navigation (Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail, etc) horizontal
  •  Fix the navigation in place so that you don’t have to scroll to the top of the page to see it
  •  Zebra stripes on mailbox – pretty!
  •  Change the attachment paperclip (on inbox) to an icon indicating the type of attachment
  •  Hide various page elements (invite panel, page footer, your email address from the top right of inbox – may be useful for public computers)





ScrapBook - Firefox Extension


You can save a Web page by right-click > [Capture Page].
Also you can save a Web page by drag-and-drop favicon in the browser location bar into ScrapBook Sidebar.


You can save selection in a Web page by right-click > [Capture Selection].
Also you can save selection in a Web page by drag-and-drop into ScrapBook Sidebar.

More Features



Web Developer Extension

web developerweb developer menu

The Web Developer extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser
with various web developer tools.

A must have if ur a web developer.