Opera 9 Technology Preview 2

Opera released a technology preview of Opera 9, codenamed Merlin, on Opera Labs. There are some very cool features we want you to try:

New Features:


Opera Widgets
– Widgets are small AJAX applications that provide specific
functionality – like getting your favorite news, converting currency
and so on.


– BitTorrent has become one of the most popular file transfer protocols

Create search

Customize your search engines
– Use your favorite search engine in the search box. Go to the site you
want and right click on the search field site and click on the search
field. You will then be prompted to “create searchâ€?

Block content

Improved content blocker
– Cosmetic surgery for Web pages. Just right click on a page and select
“block contentâ€?. Any content not greyed out can be blocked with a
click. Select “doneâ€? and see the page the way you want.

Block pop-ups

Improved pop-up blocker
– Just try it with some nasty popups.

Site preferences

Site specific preferences
– For those of you who want to control settings for specific pages.
Want to accept some cookies and deny others? How about setting your own
style sheet to make the site more accessible? Just right click on the
page and select “Site preferencesâ€?.

Thumbnail preview

Thumbnail preview
– Opera conserves system resources and uses less memory than other
browsers so it’s easy to have many tabs open at once. But just what tab
had that video you wanted? Using the thumbnail feature, you can find
out by resting the mouse on any tab.



Firefox 1.5 Final Released

Firefox hit its second major milestone Tuesday with the release of version 1.5, arriving just over a year after the alternative browser debuted at 1.0. The update sports Mozilla’s new Gecko 1.8 rendering engine to speed up Web surfing, along with a myriad of other fixed and improvements.

Notable changes in Firefox 1.5 include the ability to reorder tabs, faster back and forward buttons, a feature to clear personal data, improved accessibility and popup blocking, along with support for more Web standards such as SVG, CSS 2 and CSS 3, and JavaScript 1.6.



Firefox Extensions recommended by a Google engineer (Matt Cutts)

Matt Cutts show his Must-Have firefox extension’s list. Probably you’ll know this guy if you are in the SEO industry. Extension SessionSaver .2 saved my life! (and tabs) 🙂



Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer

Yes, it’s true. There are some people that prefer the look of Internet Explorer to the way Firefox looks (though I’ve never met one). And, yes, there are other explanations on how to accomplish this. But, for me at least, these leave a bit to be desired as they include a lot of additional recommendations and extensions that are not required for a base installation of Firefox looking like IE. So, I’ve created this simple How To guide that shows you just what needs to be done to get Firefox looking just like IE.



Tab Preview

Tab Preview is an extension for Firefox
1.5 that shows a preview of tab contents when you move your mouse over
a background tab. It’s simple to use, but surprisingly useful.

Install and try it out!


Skinning Gmail with a Custom Stylesheet

  • Install the URLid Mozilla/Firefox extension.
  • Download this CSS file.
  • Locate your profile folder and the chrome folder within that.
  • Copy the downloaded CSS file to the chrome folder and rename it to userContent.css (if you already have such a file, you will have to merge the two).
  • Restart Firefox.
  • Visit Gmail.



Firefox is losing momentum

According to WebSideStory (a web analytics firm) the browser’s once-strong surge against Microsoft Internet Explorer is showing signs of losing momentum. WebSideStory released stats that showed Firefox has crept up from April’s 6.75 percent to September’s 7.86 percent, a single percentage point gain in five months. During the first few months after its November, 2004, release, Firefox was adding another point each month.

More at Neowin


Opera 2.4 million downloads and counting…

Since Opera went free, it has been downloaded 2.4 million times and counting.Opera claims that this is twice the download rate from three months ago, and most of the downloads are coming from Microsoft Internet Explorer users. [more ]


Windows Ad Blocking

For firefox users, we have adblock extension which does a damm good job by blocking ads. For long time I was searching for similar alternative for Internet Explorer.Finally the search was over with HOSTS.

What it does …

The Hosts file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. This file is loaded into memory (cache) at startup, then Windows checks the Hosts file before it queries any DNS servers, which enables it to override addresses in the DNS. This prevents access to the listed sites by redirecting any connection attempts back to the local machine. Another feature of the HOSTS file is its ability to block other applications from connecting to the Internet, providing the entry exists.



Opera: Now completely free of charge

Opera Software today permanently removed the ad banner and licensing fee from its award-winning Web browser.
The ad-free, full-featured Opera browser is now available for download – completely free of charge – at http://www.opera.com.

we invite the entire Internet community to use Opera and experience Web
browsing as it should be,” said Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera
Software. “Removing the ad banner and licensing fee will encourage many
new users to discover the speed, security and unmatched usability of
the Opera browser.”

was previously available free of charge with an ad banner. Users had
the option of paying a licensing fee to remove the ad banner and
receive premium support.

“Opera fans around the globe made this
day possible,” said von Tetzchner. “As we grow our userbase, our
mission and our promise remain steadfast: we will always offer the best
Internet experience to our users – on any device. Today this mission
gains new ground.”


Download the Opera browser, available in 20 languages. The complete download is less than 4MB.