iPhone and AppleCare International Warranty

Well, I didn’t expected this but it is what it is…

It appears only for iPhone the AppleCare warranty is different. Basically iPhone (and Extended AppleCare protection plan) warranty is only valid in the country of purchase.

So I had bought my iPhone along with extended AppleCare from United Kingdom, but this can’t be serviced in India… I have to fly to London or a place where Apple Retail Store is to get warranty benefits… damn…..

Atleast one good thing out of this is that apart from iPhone, all other Apple products enjoy AppleCare international warranty coverage. Otherwise AppleCare is pretty much useless..


Converting ASCII encoded file to UTF-8

You get a file whose encoding you don’t know and want to convert it to UTF-8 encoded file using java. How to do it?

Below should work –

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