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This is just not what I had expected on Monday morning. My impending Banglore move made me search for for listing for properties for Rent/PG.

When I wanted to get the Phone No of listing, it has a small banner sayin –

You need to register and verify your mobile no. to contact this advertiser.

Yesterday I had logged in the site and chose “Remember me on this computer” and it was still showing me above message. After I clicked on Contact Advertiser, this is where it all started to go wrong. Something happened. All this code is AJAX and somewhere their code goofed up and did something which had a bizarre consequences.

Without me doing anything, updated my verified mobile phone number with the Advertiser’s phone number. The same applies to email. Within minutes, I started getting lots of emails.

I also got a call on my phone saying that – “Hello Shivprasad, you have a Swift Dzire for sell na, its posted on Sulekha.”…. damm.. until this I was not aware of what’s happening. I had never owned Swift Dzire let alone selling 🙂

Next, my mailbox started getting filled with mails such as –

1) You have viewed details of Washing Maching
2) You have viewed details of Honda Activa
3) You have viewed details of PG Accomodation for Girl

WTF…apart from this, also started getting mail that I have created new listing such as this one – Only 28000 Milage and few more.

This is pretty much fcked up my privacy with my email and phone number being associated with god know how many accounts.

I started getting mails from site users who are interested in listing like above which is attributed to me or from Advertiser’s whose details are seen by me..(PG for Girl)..

I just couldn’t imagine how dumb the developers of are. Is there any testing performed on site at all? If you don’t get AJAX.. don’t do it….

I had contacted and informed them abt the issue and through their site’s feedback mechanism, informed about the issue.

In the mean time to stop myself from this abuse, I had used and updated my email address with disposable email address.

Not sure how many others faced this issue today, but in future I am going to be very careful about Don’t trust them.


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