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Neha Singh
Head, Customer Care

TECHGIG.com (in collaboration with TimesJobs.com)


I really hate websites which even after unsubscribing from  email subscriptions still keep sending you emails.

This time it is yours truly TimeJobs.com and your new venture Techgig.com

I must have unsubscribed three to four times from the link that you have provided at the end of your marketing emails. I still continue to receive mails.

You dumbs  can’t even spell Techgig.com,

Fresher Jobs on TaechGig.com

Can you pls tell me what it would take for you to remove my email address from your system. Heck I don’t want account at your website. Is there any way I can close my account.

Seems TimeJobs  don’t give a damn about user privacy….


  1. Amit (Product Head, TechGig)No Gravatar October 9th

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    Has this problem being solved? TechGig does not promote spam in any way. Please let me know if you have still any issues with this? I am sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

  2. Brijesh DasNo Gravatar May 17th

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    It is surprising and irritating that a big company like the Times of India Group which is responsible for sites like TimesJobs.com does not know basic Internet etiquette. As far as I have seen among big companies, it is only the TOI that goes about sharing users’ email addresses with its partner companies, to whose services the user may not have subscribed. And the mails keep coming even after you unsubscribe! Shame on you, TOI!

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