Making Eclipse more like IntelliJ IDEA

I really like both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. But at work I had to use Eclipse and for my personal coding I prefer IntelliJ IDEA.

The main pain point here is remembering keyboard shortcuts. I didn’t wanted to remember different keystrokes for same functionality in Eclipse and IDEA.

There are some features from IDEA which are not supported by Eclipse out of box. But now-a-days, the gap is closing/widening depending upon which release you use.

So here I provide instructions on how to make Eclipse as much close like IDEA from usage perspective.

Once you restart Eclipse after installing these plugins, goto Eclipse Preferences -> General -> Keys and select IntelliJ Idea keys scheme.

This will map most of IntelliJ Idea keyboard shortcuts but following I added/overrode manually.

IDEA has a very useful clipboard history buffer feature, similar functionality can be added to Eclipse by plugin More Clipboard. In the same Keys preference window override binding for “Paste from MoreClipboard” command with binding as Ctrl+Shift+V.

Eclipse also has idea equivalent of Ctrl+Shift+A Find Action shortcut, called Quick Access.


  1. balamaciNo Gravatar October 25th

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    Thank you, really helps the transition to Eclipse. Btw would be nice if Ctrl+Alt+I the code beautifier formatter in Intellij. Now seems to work bound at Ctr+Alt+L.

  2. DeveshNo Gravatar December 10th

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    I guess common problem faced by ex-TW…Thx buddy

  3. JayantNo Gravatar May 18th

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    Thank you guys !!!
    Life will be bit easier now.
    spent crazy time to shift from paid IDE to open source.

  4. CodyNo Gravatar June 24th

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    Eclipse ctrl+3 is equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+A in INtellij

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