Maven, dbdeploy, HSQLDB without Ant

Believe me, integrating Maven and dbdeploy is a pain using Ant. For some weird reasons, dbdeploy ant task was causing maven build to crash.

So tried to integrate dbdeploy with maven without ant on my Snow Leopard –

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Integrating Spring and EHCache

Using Spring Modules and EHCache, one can transparently cache method results. Spring Modules uses a proxy which intercepts call to the method of bean; consults the cache to check if method was called with same parameters before, if so will return cached result.

EHCache is the actual provider of caching solution and Spring Module handles method interception and result storing in cache.

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maven2, slf4j, hibernate error

Got following exception while executing “mvn test”

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder.SINGLETON from class org.slf4j.LoggerFactory

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mysql prompt auto complete

To enable auto complete on mysql prompt –

mysql> \#

After above

mysql> show DATA<PRESS TAB>


Converting Mailman/Pipermail text archive to mbox

I wanted to import mailing list archive in my Apple which support “Files in mbox format”. Found following python script by Paul which converts text archive to mbox.

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My initial attempts at creating websites…

Hmm…. I never thought I will find it again… While going through some of old CDs, I found earlier sites created during my four year degree course in Computer Engg at PICT.

  1. 1999-2000 – This was the first attempt while I was in my Third year..was quite obsessed with DHTML… 🙂
  2. 2000-2001 – This was in the Final year…Flash had taken over by then……

There is still final version of site still trying to find…. something for this weekend…