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In Google Apps hosted GMail, when using themes, GMail logo is not changed. If your organization logo is not transparent then it will be distracting for some themes.

I am using Fluid app for GMail and since it supports Userscripts, you can use following userscript.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        change logo
// @namespace
// @description Changes Google Apps GMail logo.  
// @include     *
// @author      Someone
// ==/UserScript==

window.addEventListener('load',(function () {
    if (window.fluid) {
		if(window.parent!=null && window.parent.parent!=null && window.parent.parent.document.getElementById("canvas_frame")!=null)
			frmDocument= window.parent.parent.document.getElementById("canvas_frame").contentDocument;
			var gLogo=frmDocument.getElementById(":rh");
			if(gLogo!=null && gLogo.tagName=="DIV")
Use following URL for converting image to base64
*/"background-image","url(data:image/image_type;base64,<<PASTE BASE64 DATA HERE>>)","important");


  1. BabuNo Gravatar January 16th

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    Plz guide me how to apply this code where?

    I need to change logo in Gmail…

    Is it possible

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