YouMint AdMail Spam [Resolved]


I am really frustrated at for sending me YouMint AdMail..and tired for setting up GMail filters to move them to trash.

This all started when someone by name of “Shivprasadrahoriya Prajapat” used my email address for registering with YouMint. Below is that email.

From: “”
Date: 1 December 2009 12:21:01 PM GMT+05:30
Subject: Important message: YouMint Registration Confirmation + Sign-on Gift.

Hello Shivprasadrahoriya Prajapat,

Welcome to YouMint! You have just joined an elite community of people who care about their society and want to make a real difference.

Click on this link now to activate your account and receive your SIGN-ON GIFT:

Every advert that is sent to you generates money and you can choose to keep it all to yourself OR donate it to charity in full or part. You can choose the charity and the cause you want to support!

Members have generated over Rs. 1 Crore and there are over 30 lakh members who are part of this elite club.

WE THANK YOU and as a small gesture from us, please use YouMint to send sms at no cost to you.

Remember, a small gesture by everyone on YouMint will make a big difference. Invite your friends to this revolution and empower them to make a difference too! Their interactions will contribute towards your earnings as well.

Thanks once again for choosing to be a part of this revolution.


Team YouMint

———– Disclaimer————–
Received this in error? Forward this email to to delete your record.

Notice that there is a email verification link, which I never clicked. So the account shouldn’t be active.

Alright, I had sent following mail to

I have not registered. Please don’t send me any mail.

I got following reply,

Hi Shiv,

We would like to inform you that YouMint is a site of real people and it sends permission based e-mails to its registered users only.

It seems you have forgotten creating an account at As per our records your account has been registered with on 1st Dec, 09 with the username “shivprasadra”. Hence, the mails received by you from YouMint are not “Spam mails”. These mails are “AD Mails”, which are permission based promo mails.

However, if you still wish to unsubscribe, you will need to send a request mail to from the e-mail id which you used at the time of registering with YouMint along with the following details: your username and mobile number.


You Wrote :

I have not registered. Please don’t send me any mail.

From the reply mail it seems they didn’t understood my mail. Also interestingly they have provided email address where I can send mail to unsubscribe.

Following was my reply to both and,


Thanks for the mail. But someone else used my email id to register
with youmint… and I am getting these mails. You should verify the
email address of the user to check it belongs to him before allowing
him to proceed with account creation.

Can you please either don’t associate my email id with “shivprasadra”
or delete the account?


Hoping to get “you have been unsubscribed” sort of mail, following landed in my mailbox,

Hi Shiv,

To assist you with your query, we have suspended your account to avoid any further communication.

However, in case you wish to permanently delete your account then you’ll need to provide us with your registered mobile number to enable us to take the necessary step and do the needful.

I don’t know what suspended stands for in dictionary, but I am still getting YouMint AdMail… The irony is that they are asking mobile number which was used for registration for permanently deleting account…. so dear Mr Shivprasadrahoriya Prajapat can you provide me your mobile number so that I won’t be spammed with YouMint mails..

Update [10-Dec-2009]: Today I received following email from YouMint…

Hi Shivprasadra! As per request your Youmint a/c with user name Shivprasadra has been deleted.Please be informed that you have lost the entire network and the account earning (if any), which can not be retrieved again.


Thanks a lot…


  1. sahilNo Gravatar September 24th

    Comment Arrow

    from where i have to send the EMAIL?

  2. GajendranNo Gravatar February 10th

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    Please stop Youmint Admils

  3. sureshNo Gravatar March 19th

    Comment Arrow

    please remove from youmint admail for my account

  4. santoshNo Gravatar June 2nd

    Comment Arrow

    please send me youmint add

  5. veena gaikwadNo Gravatar July 25th

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    please stop youmintadmails

  6. shivNo Gravatar July 25th

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    Veena, you will have to contact and request them to delete account.

  7. HJNo Gravatar August 4th

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    I have unsubscribed twice now but you still keep spamming me… I have never subscribed to your service nor is it even remotely relevant to me.

    Stop SPAMMING people

  8. shivNo Gravatar August 4th

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    Guys, it appears you think this is YouMint’s official support page. It is not. I am just like you who was suffering from same YouMint SPAMs. I just blogged my experiences so that YouMint would know that there are peoples who are annoyed by their mails.

  9. sjNo Gravatar August 8th

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    only youmint gives the choice to unscribe so many times..idiots

  10. mallikaNo Gravatar August 8th

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    so mpany time i unscribed from this spam. but they did not stop sending f@@@@@g emails

  11. kamalmistryNo Gravatar September 3rd

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    i want to unsubscribe all mail from YouMint AdMail


    i want to delet my account from YouMint Admail

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