My tryst with OSX86 on Dell Latitude D630


Tried to setup OS X on my Dell Latitude D630 and finally gave up. I don’t think its possible to have a working OS X on D630.

I had tried all three DVD’s which are available.

  1. iDeneb v1.5.1 OSX10.5.7 (UPDATED VERSION) (Intel PC AMD PC) – This seemed most promising, being latest … blah blah… Didn’t worked.
  2. Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Intel_Amd (sse2/sse3) EFI V8 – All praised this one. Didn’t worked.
  3. IATKOS V7 10.5.7 – Didn’t worked.

I always ended up with

IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 0:23

I  tried to boot from external USB drives…same error. First restoring the iso’s on the external drive didn’t boot, partition type MBR tried using Disk Utility.

Had to use OSX86Tools_1.0.150 and Chameleon-1.0.11-installer to make those USB’s bootable.

Burned iDeneb and Kalyway on DVD… didn’t worked… booted without problem though unlike USB drive.

At the Darwin boot prompt entered options, -v -k -f cpus=2 etc etc still didn’t worked.

Disables multi-core in bios… change to AHCI from ATA…. didn’t worked.

Finally…. spending over two days…. my tryst with OSX86 on my Dell D630 is over.

Update: I was able to install Snow Leopard on my Dell D630.


  1. CarpiNo Gravatar August 15th

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    try boot installation disk with this parameter

    anv cpus=2

    I have the 10.5.7 (iDeneb) on my Dell D630.

  2. Roberto CelesteNo Gravatar September 7th

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    Try iPC 10.5.6

  3. DuduNo Gravatar November 23rd

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    Is there any detail guide to install it on D630 ?
    I can boot into the install screen but when entering the “select language” screen, it just shutdown with the msg “system halted” without any information.

    I use iPC 10.5.6, BIOS version is A15 ( disable PC Card ), boot options is: -v cpus=2. If the installer hang with the APIC error, just restart, go into BIOS settings and change something, reboot and change it back. After that you can boot into installer without APIC error.


  4. JuanNo Gravatar July 9th

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    Try with comand in promt -f -v ( windows key + ? or ¿) I install Iatkos v7, all funcionalities work, Video, Wi Fi, Sound, etc.

    mark Kexts : Nvidia, Azalia HD, Voodo ps/2, Broadcon xxx,

  5. XNo Gravatar May 18th

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    Lol you failed…

    At f8 prompt type: toh -v

    That will get it to boot.

    The rest you can find in a post in insanelymac, I already closed it, so, basically it is moving files as root to get the display to work on boot, no sleep hang.

    Mine is just finished installing, no WiFi, sleep or reboot, need lefts to fix those and get resolution over 1024×768 unless I set the command at boot.

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