Killing Java Process from Ant in Windows

I wanted to write a ant script for one of the environment, which would perform following tasks in order which will be repeated
1. Take Latest Code
2. Compile
3. Create WAR
4. Undeploy currently installed WAR from tomcat
5. Stop the tomcat
6. Copy the WAR to tomcat webapps folder
7. Start the tomcat

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Zip Earphones

This is cool. 🙂



Google Lok Sabha Election 2009 – Search Voter Rolls

As Lok Sabha Election 2009 are around the corner, Google has made available its own portal.

As Pune is listed in the “Search Voter Rolls”, you can check if your name is part of Voters List. You can even get the polling booth details.


Under stairs storage – Cool

This is super cool.

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PairOn – April Fools Day

I found this quite hilarious.

Extreme XP pair programming chair.

Key Features:

* Fully unit-tested in our ego-free ergonomics lab
* Essential office furniture for any eXtreme XP Pair (XXPP)
* Fully adjustable via individual or pair control
* can be levered to standup-meeting height
* 40-hour-week alarm buzzer built in
* Available in a range of attractive colours


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