Graphic License Cards

License Image

License keys don’t need to be boring text strings. All the data
contained within the license key can be kept in a beautiful image,
providing the following benefits:

  1. First of all — starting from the very beginning, Mac has always
    been more about graphics than text. Using graphics allows you to
    represent the information the way you want. An image is more tangible
    that a hexadecimal sequence of seemingly random characters.

  2. Drag-and-drop defines the Mac. We do not want people trying to
    type the license key by hand; images can be dragged and dropped with

  3. Since the license information is hidden in the image file,
    developers can stuff as much information as they want into it. No
    longer will developers need to avoid adding something to the generated
    license because of space constraints.

  4. The license cards contain the user’s personal information, so they will be less likely to publish it on the Internet.

  5. Software is intangible, and this is especially true for products
    purchased online without a shrink-wrapped box. The sequence seemingly
    random characters does not give you a feeling o that you got something
    real in return. This license card is a close as it gets:



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