Parallels Desktop for Mac Update Beta2 (Build 3094)

There are a lot of features and enhancements introduced in this Beta, such as:

  • NEW!  USB 2.0 support – “Plug and play” popular USB devices like external hard drives, printers, and scanners, and use them at full native speed.
    • NOTE! Current Build 3094 doesn’t support isochronous devices such as web cameras, microphones, etc.
  • NEW!  Full-feature virtual CD/DVD drive – Burn CDs and DVDs directly in virtual machines, and play any copy-protected CD or DVD just like you would on a real PC
  • NEW!  Improved Coherence mode – The groundbreaking feature that lets you run Windows applications without seeing Windows just got better! Now you can:
    • Place Windows applications on your Mac desktop or in your application dock.  Just click to launch them directly from OS X!
    • Use Command+tab to cycle through Windows and Mac applications
      simultaneously, and “hide and show” Windows applications just like you
      would with Mac applications
    • View the Windows Command Console in Coherence mode
    • Use Coherence in Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista!
  • NEW!  Better Boot Camp support – Using your Boot Camp partition in Parallels Desktop is now easier than ever. Beta2’s Boot Camp support includes:
    • Full support for FAT32 and NTFS partitions
    • Easy offline configuration.  Simply tell Parallels Desktop
      that you want to create a virtual machine from a Boot Camp Partition
      and click start. No complicated set up required!
    • No need to re-activate Windows each time you switch between
      Boot Camp and Parallels.  Activate Windows only once inside Parallels
      and work in both environments
    • IMPORTANT!  It is not possible to suspend a Virtual Machine that is connected to Boot Camp as it could result in an unstable system.
    • VERY IMPORTANT!  Beta1
      (build 3036) users must boot natively into Boot Camp and uninstall
      Parallels Tools for Boot Camp prior to running it in Beta2 (build 3094).
  • NEW!  Parallels Transporter Beta2 bundled – migrate your real Windows PC, or existing VMware or Virtual PC VMs to Parallels virtual machines! Learn more about Parallels Transporter Beta2 >>
    • IMPORTANT!  Beta1
      users MUST upgrade their Transporter package on their Windows source
      machine before using Parallels Transporter in Beta2. Failing to do so
      may result in a system crash and loss of data



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