Swamii – The What’s New Engine

Swamii - The what's new engine

What is Swamii?

Swamii is a personal, free-to-use service that saves you the hassle of
always searching for the same things. You tell us what you are
interested in and we’ll tell you when we find any new stuff related to
those interests. Swamii monitors the web, newspapers, peer-to-peer networks, the TV guide and more…

What can you use swamii for:

  • Keeping track of a current event as it unfolds
  • Getting an alert when anything with William Shatner in it is going to be on TV (Shatz is the new Hoff)
  • Being notified when a new Justin Timberlake video clips surfaces on YouTube or Grouper
  • Watching
    for that rare collectible Backstreet Boys LP you’ve always wanted to
    come up for sale (we just love their soulful harmonies and melodic
  • Searching for news on your geeky interest…
    you know, the one that everyone at work always mentions that you missed
    too late – “oh, did you see that article on rare, blue stamps
    yesterday? It was great!”
  • Get all the news for a particular subject in one place


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