Apple introduces iPod Hi-Fi, Intel-based Mac mini

At Apple’s media event Tuesday the company introduced the new iPod Hi-Fi speaker
system, as expected, as well as the new Intel-based Mac mini and high-end
leather iPod cases.

iPod Hi-Fi. Home stereo. Reinvented.

The iPod Hi-Fi “delivers breathtaking acoustic performance and room-filling
sound unlike any other speaker system designed for the iPod,” Apple said in a
press release. Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the Hi-Fi the reinvention of the home
stereo, billing the system as the “first iPod accessory that adds true
high-fidelity sound quality to the iPod.” The iPod Hi-Fi features an all-in-one
design that can be powered either from an international power outlet or by six
D-cell batteries. An integrated dock connector, remote control, and standard
auxiliary-in mini-jack round out the features.

Intel Mac mini

Apple’s new Mac mini is available in two
configurations, one sporting a 1.5GHz Core Solo processor for $599 and one with
a 1.67GHz Core Duo processor for $799. Both systems, which mimic the form-factor
of their predecessors, include iLife ’06, Front Row, and the Apple remote

Mac mini ports



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