Apple introduces iPod Hi-Fi, Intel-based Mac mini

At Apple’s media event Tuesday the company introduced the new iPod Hi-Fi speaker
system, as expected, as well as the new Intel-based Mac mini and high-end
leather iPod cases.

iPod Hi-Fi. Home stereo. Reinvented.

The iPod Hi-Fi “delivers breathtaking acoustic performance and room-filling
sound unlike any other speaker system designed for the iPod,” Apple said in a
press release. Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the Hi-Fi the reinvention of the home
stereo, billing the system as the “first iPod accessory that adds true
high-fidelity sound quality to the iPod.” The iPod Hi-Fi features an all-in-one
design that can be powered either from an international power outlet or by six
D-cell batteries. An integrated dock connector, remote control, and standard
auxiliary-in mini-jack round out the features.

Intel Mac mini

Apple’s new Mac mini is available in two
configurations, one sporting a 1.5GHz Core Solo processor for $599 and one with
a 1.67GHz Core Duo processor for $799. Both systems, which mimic the form-factor
of their predecessors, include iLife ’06, Front Row, and the Apple remote

Mac mini ports



The Superbrowser

This guy installed 100+ firefox extensions to stress test the Firefox. Here is the main screen of his browser 😉


Project Origami

This new device being planned by Microsoft, code-named Origami Project. Microsoft’s new toy that will change everything comes out later this week.

Here is the video … 😉


Qliner Hotkeys

Qliner hotkeys is a free and open source keyboard productivity environment. It is the first product of it’s kind that is usable by computer geeks and non geeks alike.

Key features:


Wufoo – Online Form Maker

Wufoo is a web-based tool to help you build and host amazing
online forms. In only a few short minutes, you can create a mailing list, a
marketing survey or even a complete customer management system.



ListMixer – Throwaway Bookmarks

Think of ListMixer as a waiting room for bookmarks before they enter
your permanent collection. If you decide a page in your Mix is worth keeping for
good, we make it easy to add it to your favorite social bookmarking service —
just hover your pointer over a link in your Mix to see.



PersonalDNA – Your true self revealed

PersonalDNA is a web service
that does a sophisticated and rigorous personality profile in about 15-20
minutes.According to the website,

Once you’ve assessed your own personality, you can ask other people to
assess you! Learn how those close to you see your personality by
sending them
your results from your feedback page. You can also assess someone
else’s personality, and send that person the results.


Vista 5308 Build Screenshots

Enjoy… !!!


Vista Customization Pack 3


  • New Installer offering 2 different setup options
  • Full Installation
  • Goodies (Aero Visual Style, Styler Toolbar themes, The WB Skin, Wallpaper)
  • Language Independant
  • Dialogues are customized
  • IconCache rebuild
  • New System & Desktop Properties
  • New Wallpapers
  • Uninstaller [Revert your system easily]
  • DLL Patching [similar to Brico’s Pack]
  • Msstyle and WB 5 Theme
  • New Icons Installation
  • Modded UXTheme
  • WMP 11 Skin
  • New Screensavers (Aurora)

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image


Windows Media Player 11

The latest version of Windows Media Player is the best yet, featuring a clean,
visual interface and excellent performance that will give other jukebox apps a
run for their money.