Yahoo Acquires SearchFox Assets

reports that the
SearchFox has sold its assets to Yahoo.


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ItwoFS is simply Inspirations in Indian Film Songs! The motive of this site is straight and simple – to provide a comprehensive page on musical inspirations (mostly subtle and intelligent but sometimes, downright shameless copying!) of Indian film music composers. The list is constantly growing and the most important source of additions is mails from this site’s visitors!

Well I had searched for a song from movie “Deewane Huye Pagal” – “Chakle Chakle” which
returned me that the song was indeed lifted from Kevin Lyttle’s 2003 chartbuster ‘Turn me on’.

The site also provides the songs in real media format to listen… hmm..


Update: Listen to this “Dil ne yeh” from movie Dhadkan. And.. now the best part… listen to this the original Ahibbaklaih


Google Pack

Google Pack is a free collection of essential software from Google and other companies. The software in the Google Pack helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more.

Google Pack also takes the hassle out of downloading, installing, and updating software. You can download and install the entire Google Pack in just a few clicks. And the included Google Updater helps you discover new programs and keep your current software up to date.



Google To Release PCs?

It seems as though Google will be creating a slimmed down version of a PC which will run without Microsoft software.

The PC would cost roughly $200. It would be connected to a central
network where most of the processing power would come from. From there
people could access simple software applications like a word processor
or spreadsheet.

It’s rumored that Larry Page (co-founder of
Google) will give some more details when he gives his keynote speech at
the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).



Lexxe Search Engine

Next generation Search Engine

Our laboratory experiments have revealed that Lexxe is 50% more accurate and relevant, and 50% more efficient than any other search engines in the world (including Google) and this efficiency rate is growing. For example, if one spent 3 minutes to find 4 pieces of information, he or she could have spent 2 minutes on Lexxe. The more one uses Lexxe (say 20 individual searches), the more obvious one will feel about Lexxe’s efficiency, thanks to Lexxe’s superior search accuracy in information relevance.
Who did Bill Gates marry?
Answer: Melinda French




ScrapBook - Firefox Extension


You can save a Web page by right-click > [Capture Page].
Also you can save a Web page by drag-and-drop favicon in the browser location bar into ScrapBook Sidebar.


You can save selection in a Web page by right-click > [Capture Selection].
Also you can save selection in a Web page by drag-and-drop into ScrapBook Sidebar.

More Features



Web Developer Extension

web developerweb developer menu

The Web Developer extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser
with various web developer tools.

A must have if ur a web developer.





beta ReminderFeed

ReminderFeed is a FREE reminder service that delivers reminder messages right to your feed reader.

Simply fill out the form, then use the subscribe buttons.



Banned Cover Art

Everyone needs a little controversy:   Album covers that were banned,
removed, altered or raised a huge amount of controversy.  In chrono
order.  Suggestions welcome & credited.  

Other covers that don’t appear to have created controversy or I
can’t find documentation saying it was banned, controversial (or
obviously would have created an outcry) or altered against the artists
wishes are included in a sister list.