Intel-based Macs to arrive in January?

Apple Computer is looking to bring the Intel based Macs earlier then originally expected, 5 months early to be exact. AppleInsider has learned from “extremely reliable sourcesâ€? that the iMac will be the first to sport the Intel processor that will debut at Apple’s annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January.

The recently updated iMac & PowerBook are both believed to be Apple’s best selling models, which is why Apple will also release an update to the PowerBook that will too have an Intel processor. According to AppleInsider’s source, the PowerBook will be 20-25% thinner than what Apple is currently offering running the PowerPC G4.

While the iMac’s design will not change, aside from becoming thinner, from the last month’s update, the Intel PowerBook is expected to pack a built in iSight in the same fashion as the current iMac G5 models.

Following Apple’s release of an Intel-based PoweBook, the Mac mini will be released around the Spring, followed by a revamped iBook sporting a new 13-inch widescreen and like the PowerBook & iMac, the iBook will also be thinner then its predecessors.



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