Kaboodle = Bookmarking + Wiki

Kaboodle’s mission is to make it easy for you to research and make decisions on the web. It make it easy to collect, organize, and share information as well as receive feedback on that information. Kaboodle’s free service is extremely simple:

1. Capture anything you find on the web with one click
2. Our powerful information extraction technology summarizes the page for you
3. Your information is organized on a single Kaboodle page that is easy to share
4. Every item on the page allows for easy ranking, rating, and comments

Based in Silicon Valley, Kaboodle’s team has tons of experience building both large scale and consumer friendly applications. It is this mixture of expertise that benefits our users. Kaboodle provides you with a very powerful engine that is extremely easy to use. Just one “click” and you have started your own Kaboodle page.


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