Google Reader

Google announced Google Reader, RSS reader application.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Like GMail, the shortcuts matter. Hitting J and K especially to scroll through the feeds looks so nice. A really nice effect!

    Keyboard shortcuts: j – next, k – prev, n – page down, p – page up, h – top, r – refresh, s – star

  • Stars: There is SO much content out there, sometimes it is nice to be able to flag some feeds that you know you want to read later. This is a very simple technique that just works.
  • Subscription management: A nice drop down comes along to make it easy to manage your subscriptions, and it groks OPML etc (as you would expect). I did have a problem when I imported my OPML. Google said they all imported fine but nothing changed. You can also use labels to sort out your feeds, and can narrow them down with a simple filter.
  • Nice messages: A top yellow bar lets you know what is going on as things happen, and a “loading” floating div lets you know when its chatting back.


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